Michael Kors Women’s Jet Set Travel Large Smartphone Wristlet (Scarlet)

June 28, 2019 - Comment


Anonymous says:

Looks Authentic To Me—Fits iPhone X Happy with this product. Have owned previous versions of Michael Kors iPhone wallets before, but smaller versions for older phones. I finally decided to purchase a larger, updated version to hold my new iPhone X. After checking MichaelKors.com, I decided to check out Amazon for a cheaper prize and came upon this.After receiving the wallet, I had checked some additional reviews that made me second guess the authenticity. So I did some research online and asked around. Now I’m no connoisseur at telling if items are authentic or not, but the quality of the product seems there and here’s a few short reasons why: (1) Straight stitching (2) Signature on the zipper & clip closures (3) Inside tag with country of origin, manufacturing date, QR code, style number (4) Zipper is YKK branded zipper (5) Genuine hardware that has no signs of pinholes — nice and smooth. (6) Don’t recall specifics on the tags, but the item did come with product tags still attached, but no box—just in a…

Anonymous says:

Not Sure It Was Authentic

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